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WSIB Claims Management Workshop – Level 1

Radical changes at the WSIB require employers more than ever to be able to manage their claims effectively - or pay huge costs, penalties and surcharges.

This hands-on workshop will teach participants how to manage claims in the new environment.

Participant will work on actual claims throughout the session, including preparing letters, forms, plans and other documents so that they are able to put our strategies in practice. At the end of the session, the participant will be able to effectively engage the WSIB Adjudicator and Case Manager to more effectively manage WSIB claims and reduce lost time duration and claims cost.

This dynamic workshop is designed for the supervisor, manager, HR professionals, case managers, and health and safety professionals looking to develop strategies for decreasing lost time and WSIB claims cost.

Claims Management Theory, Practice, and Policy, including:

  • Definitions of Accident
  • Proof of Accident
  • Arising out of and in the course of employment
  • Benefit of Doubt
  • Aggravation Basis Claims
  • Managing and reporting Recurrences
  • Pre-existing conditions and SIEF management

WSIB Objections, including:

  • Using WSIB policy documents to create a credible objection to Benefits
  • Preparing a comprehensive objection letter
  • Challenging a WSIB decision

Creating, Monitoring and Closing Return to Work Plans, including:

  • Creating effective RTW plans even with limited information
  • Working around health care practitioners’ road blocks in the RTW process
  • WSIB 12 weeks Work-Reintegration process

For more information, please contact us at or by calling 416-239-7561.


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